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   It had been a long day of class at the University. Nick had class from 1pm to 9pm, his worst day of the week. His last class had always been his favorite, though. It was a three hour electronics lab class with a young teacher’s assistant named Kathleen. She was a petite woman, with a round ass – not too big, but with enough shape in her tight jeans to keep his attention. She had small B-cup breasts and shoulder length brown hair that she always had in a tight ponytail. At first, she paid no attention to him, but as the semester began to settle, she took extra attention to his work. She would lean up against him with her trim body and firm breasts, showing him how to build his circuit. On one particular day, Nick was having quite a time getting his circuit to work. All of the other students had long been gone, but Kathleen stayed doing busy work and cleaning up the lab.

   Eventually, Nick built up the courage to ask her how to finish the circuit. As Kathleen came over, Nick could feel something was different… Kathleen was smiling at him, leaning over his breadboard. Nick’s cock began to bulge in his pants, and he could feel his cock pulsating. It wasn’t long before Kathleen noticed, and slid her forearm across his crotch. This took Nick over the edge – he had a full on hard on now, and all he could think about was slamming his hard dick into Kathleen’s pussy on the lab counter. She could tell Nick had noticed her first move, so she took it further and plopped herself on Nick’s lap. “Oh fuck!”, thought Nick… “now she can feel my hard cock in her tight crotch!”. Kathleen began to move back and forth in Nick’s lap, driving him crazy. She hopped up, unbuttoned his pants and slid his boxers to his knees. His hard cock was now staring her in the face. “Take off your shirt”, said Kathleen. Nick obediently obliged. He was now completely naked, but she was still fully clothed… now this is clothed female nude male humiliation, he thought. He wanted to see her firm tits and luscious ass! Right then, he felt something warm and soft wrap around his rock-hard cock… Kathleen was sucking his cock! He grabbed her ponytail and began to moan. She was deepthroating his entire 8 inches and looking up at him. Right as he was about to cum… click here for more

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